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These days, Mr. Steve-O, as he is often called by friends and associates, dabbles in multi-media. He is often known for his instruction activities (from 1972 to 1996) at CDC/NIOSH. There, he also assisted in developing instructional slide show and video products but also developed numerous computer-based training products (initially for the Apple II and, later, for the PC platform). In the 1990's a major project was The Kayles' Difficult Decisions, programming and assisting in the design of an interactive multimedia CD-ROM based narrative simulation exercise. Ca. 2001, Steve assisted in the creation of six internet-based Construction-related Training Exercises for the Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center (KIPRC) at the University of Kentucky, Lexington. During the first decade of the 2000's, Steve was a professor at Chatfield College, teaching courses such as photography and PowerPoint. These days, he is accused of dilly-dallying around, taking on personal media-related challenges whenever they pique his interest. For fun, when circumstances so deserve, he snaps photos with his Blackberry and posts some on his BLOG. Then again, other circumstances require higher-quality digital or film cameras such as those used in the book "Cutting to the Root of Ageism: The Effect of Developing Three Gifts ". Lately, he has been more interested in audio or video documentary recordings. One such example is at The Library of Congress, Veterans History Project. Following are some audio and/or visual products from recent years:

My new photo blog

I've started a new blog where I would show photos I've taken using better cameras (in contrast to my Blackberry Photos Blog). Included are scans I've made from reflective images, transparencies, and negatives. Although many images are new, many reach back into my archives - digital, film, and hard copy. When one starts a blog, for example, one quickly finds that it's really difficult to come up with a blog name or title that someone else has not already snatched up - especially if its photography or image related! Well, this one worked: "In a Fractional Second" Those with a Google Account are free to provide (moderated) comments.

Carr Reunion Photos for 2014

This year, I just put them in PDF files. Thus u can lookee and printee ezier. With no further whoop-de-doo ...

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

He said "There aint no Part 4!"

Carr Reunion Photos for 2013

Back in 2013, I was in a late 60's photo-journalistic retro monochrome mood these days. For this reunion (it was a family thing, not a professional "photo shoot"), I shot a roll of Kodak T-max ISO 400 b&w film on my 1980 vintage Nikon equipment. I developed it myself using Ilford Ilfosol 3. (Oh, you really don't care about those details. OK) Also included below are fotos taken using a little red digital Samsung pocket video camera that also takes stills at video HD resolution. With no further ado:

Option 1: b&w digital camera images

Option 2: b&w film photographs

2010 Christmas Concert, Chatfield College

How about listening to the 2010 Christmas Concert featuring original music composed by Sr. Cecilia Huber, OSU? There are six pieces which, in this player, should sequence automatically in order. The first is an introduction by the President of Chatfield College. Performed live, at 7:00 PM, December 3, 2010 at the Sacred Heart Chapel in St. Martin, Ohio. Sponsored by Chatfield College and the Lulu O. Craig Fine Arts Fund. Instead of using the player below, consider visiting the actual website for this concert at the Internet Archive. It contains mp3 files, detailed credits, and lists the musical segments individually, in order, allowing random access.

Roosevelt Organ

The first piece is a 50-second introduction by Brian. Next are 10 songs resonating from the 1886 Roosevelt Organ inside the Sacred Heart Chapel. The chapel is located in St. Martin, Ohio on the grounds of the Ursulines of Brown County Ohio and Chatfield College. These recordings were made on June 20, 2007 by Brian Highlander and Steve Bayer (sanus_excipio) as part of a multi-media course Mr. Highlander was taking at Chatfield College. Sister Cecilia Huber is the organist. See the website for this concert at the Internet Archive that contains the original hi-fi wave files and additional information.

Ursulines of Brown County Ohio Tour

This video is the product of an experimental independent-study multimedia course taken in 2006, at Chatfield College, by Mr. Steve-O. This movie provides a virtual tour of the grounds and some nut-shell history of the Ursulines of Brown County Ohio, in St. Martin, Ohio. Also, on the grounds, is the main campus of Chatfield College. A portion of the video shows Sr. Cecilia Huber playing the 1860's Roosevelt Pipe Organ. A web page at the Internet Archive provides other video options and more information.

My Amazing Reverie

A fictional audio story, narrated by a niece, created as an entertaining family project. It is supported by numerous freesound.org sound effects. See the website, containing credits for the freesounds, for this piece at the Internet Archive.


Under the nom de plume of sanus_excipio ("sound capture" - with a play on the meaning of sound) at the sound-sharing website, Mr. Steve-O has contributed a variety of sound recordings. Examples of internet resources that have used these recordings are listed below. Through Freesound,org, Mr. Steve-O has no say over the context of usage of the sounds. Thus, listener/viewer discretion may be appropriate in some cases.
  • A Day in the Sounds of Stanford - 3. Going to class
  • Squibs Arcade by Moby Games
  • The Final Flight of Joe Stack...The Cartoon - "....Many people will view Joe Stack in many different ways ..."
  • graphogame - "... a child-friendly computer game that helps children to learn the basic letters and their sounds."
  • AudioBus- "MOVE>SOUND: Soundwave>Series Season ((3)), the most daring and adventurous season ever." AudioBus: Human Street Textures by Composer David Graves
  • Kung Fu Action Theatre - Team Iron Angel: Black Dawn of the Golden Age - Episode Six: Visitors by the Kung Fu Action Theatre. used in Closing Music: Cool Spies, by Peter Chen
  • The Vegan Revolution...with zombies - "... kind of zombie apocalypse. A perfect blend of horror, humor and animal activism. Destined to become a favorite among zombie fans and vegans alike."
  • 60x365 - "60x365 is being featured in The Fuse Factory's inaugural exhibition, Ignition ..."
  • Snohomish County Sesquicentennial: A Soggy First Flight in Snohomish - EVERETT PUBLIC LIBRARY PODCASTS, Everett, Washington
  • 1 Hour-THUNDER & RAIN-Storm at Sea - The Perfect Storm-Nature Sounds Without Music by johnnielawson
  • Talking Trees by Karen McCoy and Robert Carl
  • High Speed Photography Session with Sound Trigger by Grogo
  • Interview with Joe Hogan, or, Revenge of the Necro-Dancers by Rag-NERD-rok
  • le jeu Kill a Car game by Myriam Bizier
  • Bumbling Duo by KeepYourDistance
  • planetaziemia I'm not sure where my sounds are used here but I'm listed in the credits!
  • A sound-mixing app providing a mix of 4 ambient sonic circumstances - by Curit2 (used as "rain on car" - see attribution list)
  • Tactics, a digital music composition by Longwave Radio
  • ASMR - Motivation & Tips For Depression/Derealization/Anxiety (Whispers/Rain Sounds) on WhisperFinder web site by Trevor Kjorlien. "NOTE: This video should not be taken as medical advice. It's just anecdotal, real world experience."
  • Cookies by Yuri Kufa on YouTube
  • Animated Still - The Plane Crash by Richy Johnson on YouTube
  • St. Vivian Church Festival Father's Day Fireworks 2009 Cincinnati, Ohio by carexpertandy (Youtube Direct Link Here)
  • Pixelbite Games Freesounds Credits page
  • Squibs Arcade "Squibs Arcade is a collection of games inspired by contemporary video games, distilling the game play to its most fundamental form, and re-imagining them with the style of the classic LCD games."
  • Free Nature Sounds Player "An interesting thing about nature sounds is that people actually like them more than the music ..." (used rain_windshield_wipers_sanus_excipio.wav)
  • Youtube


  • Photographs of the Thomas More College women's basketball team taken during a 66-54 win over Grove City College in a Presidents' Athletic Conference (PAC) Championship Tournament semifinal played at the Connor Convocation Center in Crestview Hills, Kentucky.
  • Here are my photographs of the Thomas More College women's basketball team on February 26, 2011, during the Presidents' Athletic Conference (PAC) Championship Tournament competing with Saint Vincent College. Thomas More College won at 66-55.
  • Photographs of the celebration following the Thomas More College women's basketball team on February 26, 2011.
  • 2012

  • Here are my photographs of the Thomas More College women's basketball team on February 25, 2012, during the Presidents' Athletic Conference (PAC) Championship Tournament competing against Saint Vincent College. Thomas More College won at 77 - 66.
  • Photographs of the celebration following the Thomas More College women's basketball team on February 25, 2012.
  • Photographs from March 2, 2012, during the NCAA Womens Division III playoffs, Thomas More College of Crestview Hills, Kentucky faced off with Louisiana College of Pineville, Louisiana.
  • Here

  • The Man with the Drill and the Brain-eating Dog

    The Man with the Drill and the Brain-eating Dog was an afternoon's recording project, written spontaneously by Mr. Steve-O and narrated by Stephanie - who was about 12 years old at the time (ca. 1999).

    Gratis to the following contributors to the collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds at freesound.org whose recordings were mixed with original cassette tape recording and have been made available for use through their contributions available via the Creative Commons Sampling+1.0 license.
    AGFX Corsica_S ERH ERH
    ERH freesound gabemiller74 Gorgoroth6669
    ingsey101 silversatyr Tomlija Zoom H4

    In addition, the cricket track and certain other sounds - such as a drill, door closing, and handle rattles - were created by sanus_excipio as foley effects, as part of the original sound track.

    (direct link:) The Man with the Drill and the Brain-eating Dog